the watch 



Key features.

Wooden circuit board

Textured stainless steel with a flush crown

Case size: 40mm x 8mm

Waterproof up to 50 meters

3 year battery life

American made


The first all-wood circuit board.

Most watches rely on synthetic materials, like thermoset plastics, for their circuit boards. 

This isn't most watches.

Our circuits are made from premium American redwood, which is tailor-cut (1mm thin) before being welded with intricate copper wiring to form each circuit board.

Watch the action. 

We designed a seamless mechanical exterior made from stainless steel. Then we added a window to the back panel, so you can see the action.



Tick tock.

We use custom made Swiss gears to drive the hands and change the time.  To make the watch tick (and tock), we developed bespoke software that programs timing intervals into the innovative wooden circuit board.





From the start, our goal was to build all of this in our design studio in San Francisco.